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Pop Music, Rape Culture, and the Sexualization of Blurred Lines

By Tristan Bridges and C.J. Pascoe Originally posted at Feminist Reflections Robin Thicke’s song, “Blurred Lines,” achieved international recognition in 2013. But the lyrics were also heavily criticized as promoting sexual violence by celebrating “blurred lines” around sexual consent. Indeed, … Continue reading

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It turns out men’s sexuality is just as fluid as women’s

If women can kiss women and still be straight, what about men? Some scholars have argued that female sexual desires tend to be fluid and receptive, while men’s desires – regardless of whether men are gay or straight – tend to … Continue reading

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Gay marriage: check. Queer liberation: ?

*Originally posted at From the Square the NYU Press Blog Even a feminist/queer critic of marriage (me, alas) can’t help but be moved by today’s decision by the Supreme Court that finally makes marriage equality the law of the land. And … Continue reading

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Rachel Dolezal is Really Queer: Transracial Politics and Queer Futurity

by Angela Jones, PhD I have learned three things this week: there are a lot of clinical psychologists on socialmedia, biological determinism has made a comeback, and people are really scared of a queer planet. On the morning of Friday June 12th … Continue reading

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Living (Partially) Outside the Law

Originally posted on Arlene Stein:
Several years ago, when my son was in middle school in a suburb close to New York City, he was required to fill out numerous forms. There were spaces for his mother’s first name, her…

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Professional Football: A Queer/Masculine Paradox

As a sociologist, I should hate football. It’s known to be a dangerous sport with long-term damaging effects to brains and bodies. In fact, here is a sociological analysis of how masculinity hurts men (and their bodies) via Football. No … Continue reading

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Parades, Mardi Gras, and Assumptions about Southern Queer Life

Guest post by Amy L. Stone This is not what I expected. I’m standing on the streets of downtown Lafayette, a small city of about 120,000 people in Southern Louisiana in the heart of Acadiana, or Cajun country. I’m in … Continue reading

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