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Rachel Dolezal is Really Queer: Transracial Politics and Queer Futurity

by Angela Jones, PhD I have learned three things this week: there are a lot of clinical psychologists on socialmedia, biological determinism has made a comeback, and people are really scared of a queer planet. On the morning of Friday June 12th … Continue reading

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On State-Sponsored Homophobia in Russia

Guest post by Russian sociologist, Asya Tsaturyan. Can a homophobic government create a homophobic populace? In June 2013 the Russian Parliament (Duma) passed, and President Vladimir Putin signed into law, a bill that prohibits ‘homosexual propaganda’ directed at minors. Putin … Continue reading

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Ambivalence at the Altar

Ambivalence at the Altar by Arlene Stein   Cross-posted from Arlene Stein’s blog.   Last week, the man who washed my hair in a beauty parlor –he was perhaps 30– nonchalantly referred to the person he shares a home with … Continue reading

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Welcome to Social (in)Queery!

Have you ever wished there was a more publicly accessible queer social science? Well, now there is! Social (in)Queery is a collaborative project that seeks to expand the range of solid, empirically informed intellectual discourse on issues relevant to contemporary … Continue reading

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